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X server for Retina Z2

        OK....  I'm confused.

        The NetBSD-Amiga-X-FAQ says that Xamiga24 is for the Retina Z2 and Z3,
but the README in NetBSD-Amiga/contrib/X11/X11R6 only mentions the Z3.
        Which is it - Z3 or Z[23]?

        I remember that under 1.0, Xamiga24 would only work with some of MW's
patches, and was warned that it would be painfully slow (it's slow enough 
already :^).

        If Xamiga24 doesn't work with the Z2, what is everyone else with a Z2
using?  XamigaRetina reportedly still works, but I've not seen any improvements
on it for quite some time - PEX and XIE support wouldn't hurt, and compiling
it under 1.1 _really_ wouldn't hurt (I really want my system to have only 1.1

        I'd kinda like to have the sources to each of these, anyway.  
I've only seen the sources to Xdaniver :^(  Perhaps it's a bit of a strange
habit these days, but I prefer to compile and muck with software myself.
Anyone know where I can fetch them?  Who wrote XamigaRetina, anyway?


Stephen Champion                 Workstation and Network Consultant
steve%onshore.com@localhost                Onshore, Inc.

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