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Re: compiling kernel: does 'make depend' have its dependencies right?

On Jan 29,  7:17pm, "Jim Shaffer Jr." wrote:
> > > No kernel has ever started for me by copying it to /dev/reload.
> > 
> > nor for me - it's just like /dev/null
> No, no, no.  When I copy one to /dev/reload, I get either a panic or a 
> lock-up with black screen.

  If the copy returns to the shell prompt, then the kernel was probably
just copied to a file in the /dev directory (I do that once in a while
when I misspell reload).  If the machine locks up, it usually means that
you have changed the location of the reload routine in the kernel
(either by changing an option that changes amiga/locore.s or
amiga/locore.s was modified.

  The only way to boot a new kernel which has the reload code in a
different location that the running kernel is to transfer the new
kernel to AmigaDOS and boot it from there.  Once the new kernel has
been booted, then copying it to /dev/reload should work.  I tried
fixing this once so that the reload routine was less sensitive to
changes, but I couldn't even get that kernel to boot.


Michael L. Hitch                        INTERNET:  osymh%montana.edu@localhost
Computer Consultant
Information Technology Center
Montana State University        Bozeman, MT     USA

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