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About rotation speeds


I noticed that eg. disklabel shows the rotational speed (RPM) of
a harddrive and perhaps uses that information for something (hmm,
not disklabel but probably newfs when the filesystem is made).
The default seems to be 3600 RPM which is quite outdated, current drives
spin at about 5400 or 7200 RPM.  So, would it make a noticeable difference
if one uses an accurate (say, 7200) RPM when creating the filesystem?
Or are there some hardcoded things which make this a not-so-good idea?
Or is this value just meaningless (but why would it be there in this

And if anyone has done this, could you please tell me the easiest way
to do this, so that I don't destroy anything... and if there are other
parametres that should be changed, too.


        Mika Kortelainen

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