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Re: sysinst segfaults on Alpha ("file system full") - install help

On Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 07:05:44AM -0700, John Ames wrote:
> Fortunately, I'm up and running now, I just need to sort out the
> issues with X...

I still have a 3000/m400 that booted a few months ago when I tried it...
I think it has NetBSD-6 on it and I was trying to get it updated, but
the disks are tiny and I haven't made the time to put bigger ones in.

I finally powered down my trusty alphaserver 1000A 5/400 last month.  my
electric bill went down noticably and my basement is cooler than it used
to be.  (I think the 1000A idled at ~250W.  the 3000/m400 with two HDs
is in that ballpark as well.)

I might have one working multia...

  Aaron J. Grier | "Not your ordinary poofy goof." | agrier%poofygoof.com@localhost
  "The price of reliability is the pursuit of the utmost simplicity.  It
   is a price which the very rich find most hard to pay."  -- Tony Hoare

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