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Re: sysinst segfaults on Alpha ("file system full") - install help

Hmm. Better luck - not sure if it's the stable release or just
repeated head-to-wall voodoo, but sysinst at least recognized the
correct mount points for the partitions. Unfortunately, it still
segfaulted when trying to make any changes to the partitions, and it
gave read errors trying to copy the sets off the CD, but since it was
willing to work with the partitions and could configure the network, I
was able to do a network install no trouble.

Still got some kinks to work out (no X, it craps out with
"alpha_bus_getwindows failed,") but that's progress, anyway...

I've attached the coredump from earlier, in case it's worth anything
to you. Thanks for the assistance!

On 3/10/20, John Ames <commodorejohn%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
> Nice :) I've got a 700 as well that I got as part of the same
> free-to-good-home lot, but the PSU is dead...
> On 3/10/20, Michael Kronsteiner <alphamike%gmx.at@localhost> wrote:
>> as part of cleanup, i will double-check that on an 3000/ummm...800? the
>> big desktop version, the speedier variant of the /400. it has known bad
>> ram which worked fine in a /500. i think its just corroded sockets so
>> reseating might help to get reliable 128MB. nice to see there are still
>> people around playing with the 3000 series :)
>> On Tue, 2020-03-10 at 07:01 -0700, John Ames wrote:
>>> Will do, thanks!
>>> On 3/10/20, Martin Husemann <martin%duskware.de@localhost> wrote:
>>> > I just tested the latest netbsd-9 (9.0_STABLE) crunched ramdisk
>>> > binary
>>> > sysinst (which has my fixes from yesterday) and it just worked.
>>> >
>>> > I also tested booting the install kernel from that build and it
>>> > also
>>> > worked fine. I didn't change much about the partition, but played
>>> > with
>>> > swap size (at the first sizes screen) and log option for / (at the
>>> > second
>>> > partitions details screen).
>>> >
>>> > Officialy new daily build binaries for netbsd-9 should be available
>>> > later today - could you please retest and let me know if you run
>>> > into
>>> > any issues?
>>> >
>>> > Martin
>>> >

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