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Re: sysinst segfaults on Alpha ("file system full") - install help

Thanks for the prompt response. I'll see if I can snag the
sysinst.core dump for you later today (or whatever of it actually gets
written to the ramdisk before it gets full,) but the steps are pretty
simple: open the sysinst partition utility, either from the utility
menu or as part of the install process, make any meaningful change to
the properties of one of the partitions (I've tried everything from
deleting and re-adding them down to just changing the mount point,)
and exit/save. Immediate segfault.

Good to know about the workarounds; I can manage with either of those, I think.

On 3/9/20, Martin Husemann <martin%duskware.de@localhost> wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 08, 2020 at 07:01:23PM -0700, John Ames wrote:
>> shell with no issues, but the installer itself craps out when
>> partitioning the disk.
> Can you give any details on that? Like a list of steps you did to get
> there?
>> One thing I did notice was that /dev/mda0 (the in-memory filesystem
>> for the installer) ends up very close to completely full, and part of
>> that is a sysinst.core dump, but I'm not clear on whether sysinst is
>> dumping core because the filesystem is full, or vice versa.
> The full ramdisk does not bother sysinst, but probably some machine
> dependent
> code in sysinst is broke (which would likely make me the culprit - I'll
> see if I can fix one of my alphas and test localy).
>> I think my better shot here is: can I just avoid the sysinst
>> partitioning utility entirely? I can do everything needed with the
>> disk from the shell, except apparently chant the proper blessing upon
>> the resulting partitions. How does sysinst determine which partitions
>> in the disklabel should map to which mount points in the target
>> install? Where is that magic documented or stored?
> The steps are:
> Create disklabel, newfs the root partition, run installboot.
> Then you have the choice:
>  - cheat with sysinst by:
>    - manually create etc/fstab on the new root partition with proper
> content
>    - run an update (instead of an install) with sysinst
> or nearly as simple:
>  - do a manual install:
>    - extract all sets on the new root partition
>    - cd to the new dev directory and run "sh MAKEDEV all" there
> I will deal with the sysinst fallout.
> Martin

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