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Access to a netbsd/alpha machine

hi folks,

I'd like to test a quick GCC build. it will benefit us, although not
greatly since 99.99% of use is with netbsd native GCC which has some

It requires:
- Machine with GNU make, the source of gmp, mpfr, mpcomplex unpacked in
  the relevant subdirectories or installed
- Enough free space to build GCC
- checkout GCC git
- Apply generic patch to build GCC on netbsd:
- Apply the test patch:

- Test if compilation with -march=native with the built GCC works, for
  example, try to gcc -march=native -S and see what .cpu it says, and
  try without.

Or SSH access to a machine with space.

It takes a while to do the build (I think it was 3 days before) because
it does 3 builds.

anyone can volunteer a machine?

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