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NEEDED: -current user willing to test some low-level kernel changes

Hey folks...

I have low-level kernel changes that touch every platform that I need help testing.  More info here:


I've tested them myself on several platforms (amd64, i386, arm, aarch64, sparc, vax), but need help with some others.

This is where you come in!  I'm looking for a volunteer running -current who is willing to:

a) boot a GENERIC kernel that I'll provide
b) run an ATF unit test that I'll also provide
c) report the results to me
d) iterate to fix bugs uncovered by the test as necessary

The Alpha port, in particular, has some challenging bits in this code due to lack of sub-32-bit load/store on the early implementations of the architecture, necessitating some intricate mask-and-shift code to emulate... this is one reason I'd like to make sure to get some real test coverage on Alpha before this goes in.  (Also, I still have a soft spot for Alpha, despite not having had one for many years).

Anyway, I'd really appreciate the help on this...

Thanks in advance!

-- thorpej

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