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Re: Hardware available in Sweden

Here’s some more hardware that has to go.

I found one more HP 9000 in my collection, this one is a 715/64. Also, it
seems like I have two VT terminals. One is a VT510 the other one is a
VT420 terminal. I have also checked the IBM RS/6000 and it is a model 250
with a 66 Mhz PowerPC CPU. It has the graphics option installed. Added to
the list is also a Silicon Graphics O2. The case on it is in pretty bad
shape and the sled for the hard drive is missing but I was able to boot
IRIX on it and the built in frame grabber works well.


Anders Hogrelius, M.S.
Senior Consultant
Earth Consultants International, Inc, Sweden
Tessingatan 12
SE-72216 Vasteras

Phone: +46 (0)70 677-0210
Alt:   +1 714 694-6750

Email:  ahogrelius%earthconsultants.com@localhost

On 1/10/15, 7:38 PM, "Anders Hogrelius" <ahogrelius%earthconsultants.com@localhost>

>Hi All,
>Since I¹m moving I need to get rid of some of the hardware I have
>collected over the years. One guy on the list has already shown interest
>in some of the stuff I¹m giving away and has first dibs on the DECStation
>but everything is up for grabs. I¹m willing to ship to anyone provided you
>pay for the actual shipping costs. However, since the equipment is located
>in Sweden and some of it is pretty heavy Well, it means local pickup of
>course is the preferred way. The stuff I¹m trying to offload is:
>1 VAXStation 4000m60, the floppy drive is missing but besides that it
>should be okay
>1 VAXStation 4000m60 for parts. The lid is missing but the motherboard and
>power supply should be okay
>1 VAXStation 3100m38 complete
>1 VAXStation 3100m76 complete
>1 VXT2000+
>1 VAXServer 3500 (Currently with Ultrix installed)
>5 Keyboards with Swedish layout, 2 of them are LK201 keyboards, the rest
>At least 1 mouse of the round ³hockey puck² type
>1 DECStation 5000/200
>1 Motherboard for a 1 DECStation 5000/240 (Will fit the 5000/200 with some
>minor modifications to the case)
>1 AlphaServer DS20 (2x 500MHz 21264 EV6 CPU)
>1 VT terminal, unknown model but works with all of the equipment above
>Some misc. cables, expansion cards for DEC- and VAXStations/Servers, a few
>Q-BUS cards from a VS4000m200, 1 RF 72 Disk
>Non-DEC equipment:
>1 HP 9000 715/100XC
>1 SparcStation 4 with 2 network cards
>1 Complete NeXTStation Color, complete with the original laser printer etc
>1 IBM RS/6000 I don¹t remember the exact model but it is most likely a 36T
>with a PowerPC CPU
>Please contact me off- list if anything here is of interest. Since this
>kind of equipment is getting harder to come by I prefer to donate it to
>someone who will put it to good use rather than recycling it as we lose a
>little piece of computer history every time a DEC or VAX is recycled!
>Best Regards,
>Anders Hogrelius, M.S.
>Senior Consultant
>Earth Consultants International, Inc, Sweden
>Tessingatan 12
>SE-72216 Vasteras
>Phone: +46 (0)70 677-0210
>Alt:   +1 714 694-6750
>Email:  ahogrelius%earthconsultants.com@localhost
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