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Hardware available in Sweden

Hi All,

Since I’m moving I need to get rid of some of the hardware I have collected over the years. One guy on the list has already shown interest in some of the stuff I’m giving away and has first dibs on the DECStation but everything is up for grabs. I’m willing to ship to anyone provided you pay for the actual shipping costs. However, since the equipment is located in Sweden and some of it is pretty heavy… Well, it means local pickup of course is the preferred way. The stuff I’m trying to offload is:

1 VAXStation 4000m60, the floppy drive is missing but besides that it should be okay
1 VAXStation 4000m60 for parts. The lid is missing but the motherboard and power supply should be okay
1 VAXStation 3100m38 complete
1 VAXStation 3100m76 complete
1 VXT2000+
1 VAXServer 3500 (Currently with Ultrix installed)

5 Keyboards with Swedish layout, 2 of them are LK201 keyboards, the rest LK401
At least 1 mouse of the round “hockey puck” type

1 DECStation 5000/200
1 Motherboard for a 1 DECStation 5000/240 (Will fit the 5000/200 with some minor modifications to the case)

1 AlphaServer DS20 (2x 500MHz 21264 EV6 CPU)

1 VT terminal, unknown model but works with all of the equipment above

Some misc. cables, expansion cards for DEC- and VAXStations/Servers, a few Q-BUS cards from a VS4000m200, 1 RF 72 Disk

Non-DEC equipment:
1 HP 9000 715/100XC
1 SparcStation 4 with 2 network cards
1 Complete NeXTStation Color, complete with the original laser printer etc
1 IBM RS/6000 I don’t remember the exact model but it is most likely a 36T with a PowerPC CPU  

Please contact me off- list if anything here is of interest. Since this kind of equipment is getting harder to come by I prefer to donate it to someone who will put it to good use rather than recycling it as we lose a little piece of computer history every time a DEC or VAX is recycled!

Best Regards,



Anders Hogrelius, M.S.


Senior Consultant

Earth Consultants International, Inc, Sweden

Tessingatan 12

SE-72216 Vasteras


Phone: +46 (0)70 677-0210

Alt:   +1 714 694-6750

Email:  ahogrelius%earthconsultants.com@localhost

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