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Re: Booting on RiscPC

On Wed, 27 Mar 2019, Mike Pumford wrote:
On 27/03/2019 14:15, Stephen Borrill wrote:
I must admit to potentially wasting some of your time with my most recent reports. It turns out I was booting with -d (drop to ddb) which I'd added during a previous round of debugging, so I was notseeing a panic at this point.
However, I was originally seeing the panic you've fixed I believe.

Well to be fair every panic you reported I was able to reproduce here so I don't think that's the case. :) I've no idea how the setstackclock code wasn't throwning that fault before.

I've built a -current kernel with timerfix.patch from this mail and irqfix.patch from http://mail-index.netbsd.org/port-acorn32/2019/03/25/msg000079.html

I can confirm this boots fine, but the keyboard is still messed up. For example:
z = [[
x = gg
c = ff
s = ]]
b = mm
1 = uu
n = nn

For each keypress, I get two incorrect characters.

Okay that's really odd and very different from the keyboard problems my patches fixed. The issue I was seeing was that the rather inaccurate delay was causing my keyboard not to be detected at all giving me no way to interact with the console. Its safe to assume you don't have a keyboard hardware problem as its presumably working in RiscOS.

Indeed, I still use RISC OS quite a lot. Also it works on NetBSD 3.

It may take a few days as I'm going to be away from the hardware but I'll have a look into the driver and see if I can see any way for that keyboard failure to happen. Is the behaviour consistent? does the same key always give the same pair of characters?

Yes, always consistent.


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