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RE: Please review nzbget

On Mon, 2011-01-03 at 11:41 -0600, Larson, Timothy E. wrote:
> > Hm. This is not good. But what exactly can I do here, now?
> > 
> > I can hardly patch converter/uulib nor the upstream...
> > 
> > Somehow implement a message that this pkg is not supported on
> > Solaris 9
> > due to a broken dependency? If so, how is that done properly?
> > 
> > What are alternatives?
> * Maybe solaris-pkg-people@ could do some patching on uulib?  (I'll admit 
> that I'm not interested enough to do it myself at this time.  If correct 
> patches were provided to upstream, who knows, maybe they would be 
> incorporated and an update released.)

Could you ask them, please, with a detailled description? I don't have
any kind of solaris at hand so I cannot recreate it. My suns all run on

> * Mark uulib as NOT_FOR_PLATFORM Solaris?

I think that's more appropriate, yes, but probably it should be
mentioned in packages depending on uulib, too.

> * Find alternative to uulib and make nzbget work with that?

That would mean to (partly) rewrite nzbget, not a compelling thought
considering the cause for this. And it would have to be checked with
every new release again...I don't think that this a good solution.

- Volkmar

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