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RE: Please review nzbget

> Hm. This is not good. But what exactly can I do here, now?
> I can hardly patch converter/uulib nor the upstream...
> Somehow implement a message that this pkg is not supported on
> Solaris 9
> due to a broken dependency? If so, how is that done properly?
> What are alternatives?

* Maybe solaris-pkg-people@ could do some patching on uulib?  (I'll admit that 
I'm not interested enough to do it myself at this time.  If correct patches 
were provided to upstream, who knows, maybe they would be incorporated and an 
update released.)
* Mark uulib as NOT_FOR_PLATFORM Solaris?
* Find alternative to uulib and make nzbget work with that?
* Something else?

Tim Larson
App Admin, Intercall Production Services

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