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Re: please review baler and eor

On Mon, 3 Jan 2011 16:47:34 -0600
"Larson, Timothy E." <> wrote:

> I don't have ruby installed on my Sol9 box so I didn't look at baler,
> but did try building eor.  It failed when prereq cmake didn't build.
> It bootstraps, then died at 22% of the next stage with a lot of
> curses errors.  I'm using GCCfss 4.2.
> Tim

curses problems - it reminds me of my recent troubles that NetBSD's
curses (/usr/include) clashed with ncurses from pkgsrc.

It was resolved by setting

in the packages's Makefile

Could you please try this in cmake's Makefile on your Solaris box?
Actually, it may be Solaris-*-* or sth like that.

However, from devel/ncurses/ I don't understand if this would
help for Solaris.


If this doesn't help, then you might try

PREFER.ncurses = pkgsrc

in mk.conf


I had also experienced outdated ncursesw includes (PR 43435) which has
been fixed in summer. (pkgsrc-2010Q3 should be right though)

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