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Re: Please review nzbget

Note to self: learn to press "reply-all" instead of "reply".

>> pkglint -Wall complains about a missing man-page, but it simply does not
>> exist.

> 1. PKGREVISION should be reset after updated.

I have removed the line.

> 2. HOMEPAGE should be for users, not for developers.

Indeed, I have adjusted the URL.

> 3. `-r380' should be a part of DISTNAME, not EXTRACT_SUFX.
> 4. and -r380 means testing release, so PKGNAME should be
> nzbget-0.7.0pre380 (or beta380 or rc380).
> 5. and already 0.7.0 stable release out, no need to use testing release
> anymore.

Yes, of course, I have adjusted this as well.

> 6. for patch-aa, `ssl_method' should be defined as `const SSL_METHOD *'
> instead.

That's a bigger change than I had in mind, and since it's method-local I
haven't thought it to be necessary. I have changed the code accordingly,

nzbget is working fine for me, so it seems to be ok.

Please review again :)

- Volkmar


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