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Re: Please review wip/php-xcache

> My apologies, I can only assume something ate the previous contact
> en-route.

Well, nothing is perfect, may be a spamfilter or some routing-glitches? If
you like, I can resend the email, but the patch it contained at the time
does not contain the complete changes I made before submitting them to
pkgsrc-wip yesterday.

> I have a number of tweaks in my local which I've not committed, but it
> sounds like your commit probably covers that ground, if not a bit more.

If you send them to me, I can see if you may be did something I forgot,
and merge them.

> You're welcome to take the maintainer tag... I have my hands
> sufficiently full these days. ;-)

I will do that, if it's really fine with you, as I make heavy use of that
package, and thus have a certain self-interest in its update-to-date
status :)

Happy New Year!

- Volkmar


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