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Re: Please review nzbget

On Wed, 10 Nov 2010 06:59:02 +0900, Volkmar Seifert 
<> wrote:

> Hello all,
> since I still haven't received any reaction from Martijn van Buul, I
> expect he's not interested in participating in the update of the
> nzbget-package.
> Thus, I have just committed my changes to CVS. Please review it.
> pkglint -Wall complains about a missing man-page, but it simply does not
> exist.

Just a quick review, not building and using.

1. PKGREVISION should be reset after updated.
2. HOMEPAGE should be for users, not for developers.
3. `-r380' should be a part of DISTNAME, not EXTRACT_SUFX.
4. and -r380 means testing release, so PKGNAME should be nzbget-0.7.0pre380 (or 
beta380 or rc380).
5. and already 0.7.0 stable release out, no need to use testing release anymore.
6. for patch-aa, `ssl_method' should be defined as `const SSL_METHOD *' instead.

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