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Re: Please review package wip/openttd

On Monday 28 March 2005 20:22, Thomas Klausner wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 27, 2005 at 09:23:09PM +0600, Ian Zagorskih wrote:
> > wip/openttd package is an amazing old DOS/Windows "Transport Tycoon
> > Deluxe" game like Sim City and so on :) I just updated it to the latest
> > 0.3.6 version and looks like it builds/works excellent on NetBSD almost
> > out-of-box. IMHO one of the best SDL based game ports i saw. Would be
> > great to see this package in pkgsrc framework (though there are some
> > TODOs yet).
> pkglint complains about trailing whitespace.


> Why is png/bl3 commented out?

I tried to add png binding and failed so i temporarry commented it out. For 
png support it of course should be uncommented.

> There's still a TODO file there:
> * Once again review Makefile* for NetBSD.
> Not sure what you want to do.

Just to review once again native Makefiles suplied with sources :)

> * Fix libpng detection/support.
> Good idea. You could switch it to use 'pkg-config libpng12'
> (add --libs or --cflags, as you like).

Doing this now..

> * Add MIDI audio output.
> Not sure if NetBSD's audio subsystem is up to it, but
> give it a try.

Well, technically this would be possibly IF openttd used SDL_mixer engine -> 
wave/midi streams were handled by same engine and co-exists fine. 
Unfortunatelly, this isn't so -> in order to add MIDI support i need to 
heavily patch sources -> i guess SDL_mixer support is a dedicated work for 
the next openttd release.

So my conclusion ATM - no midi in this version.

ps: while MIDI files supplied with original data package playing just fine on 
NetBSD. But it requires exclusive audio lock..

> * Libtool (does it worth it?).
> No. Usually it's only worth it for libraries.
> It compiles, installs, and deinstalls fine for me on 2.0/i386.

Same here on -current/i386.

// wbr

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