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pkgsrc-wip CVS digest 2008, week 47

phonohawk: Import MissingH- as wip/MissingH. MissingH is a librar
  I MissingH/DESCR
  I MissingH/Makefile
  I MissingH/PLIST
  I MissingH/
  I MissingH/distinfo
phonohawk: +MissingH
  P Makefile 1.3102
phonohawk: Import HSH-1.2.6 as wip/HSH. HSH is designed to let you mix a
  I HSH/Makefile
  I HSH/
  I HSH/distinfo
phonohawk: +HSH
  P Makefile 1.3103
phonohawk: Import HCL-1.3 as wip/HCL. This module provides a set of func
  I HCL/Makefile
  I HCL/
  I HCL/distinfo
phonohawk: +HCL
  P Makefile 1.3104
yhardy: This package provides the ALSA plugins for OSS, JACK, etc. The p
  A alsa-plugins/DESCR 1.1
  A alsa-plugins/Makefile 1.1
  A alsa-plugins/PLIST 1.1
  A alsa-plugins/distinfo 1.1
yhardy: Update to 1.0.18 and add patches to compile on NetBSD. For the l
  A alsa-lib/MESSAGE 1.1
  P alsa-lib/Makefile 1.8
  P alsa-lib/PLIST 1.6
  P alsa-lib/ 1.4
  P alsa-lib/distinfo 1.5
yhardy: Patches to enable alsa-lib to compile on NetBSD.
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-aa 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-ab 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-ac 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-ad 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-ae 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-af 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-ag 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-ah 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-ai 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-aj 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-ak 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-al 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-am 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-an 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-ao 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-ap 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-aq 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-ar 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-as 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-at 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-au 1.1
  A alsa-lib/patches/patch-av 1.1
yhardy: Added alsa-plugins.
  P Makefile 1.3105
yhardy: Import xine-plugin-1.0.2 as wip/xine-plugin. Plugin for www/fire
  I xine-plugin/DESCR
  I xine-plugin/Makefile
  I xine-plugin/PLIST
  I xine-plugin/distinfo
yhardy: Added xine-plugin.
  P Makefile 1.3106
yhardy: Import torcs-1.3.0 as wip/torcs. TORCS, The Open Racing Car Simu
  I torcs/Makefile
  I torcs/DESCR
  I torcs/PLIST
  I torcs/distinfo
  I torcs/patches/patch-aa
  I torcs/patches/patch-ab
  I torcs/patches/patch-ac
  I torcs/patches/patch-ad
  I torcs/patches/patch-ae
  I torcs/patches/patch-af
  I torcs/patches/patch-ag
yhardy: Added torcs.
  P Makefile 1.3107
blef: Remove this old gtk1 engine package of mine.
  P Makefile 1.3108
schnoebe: Added patch from mu-conference list correctging issue with the
  A mu-conference/patches/patch-ac 1.1
  P mu-conference/distinfo 1.5
schnoebe: correct source path in patch-ac, bump revision to nb1, regen d
  P mu-conference/Makefile 1.4
  P mu-conference/distinfo 1.6
  P mu-conference/patches/patch-ac 1.2

makoto: Import wl-2.15.6nb20081118 as wip/wl-current. Wanderlust is a ma
  I wl-current/DESCR
  I wl-current/MESSAGE
  I wl-current/Makefile
  I wl-current/PLIST
  I wl-current/PLIST.emacs-w3m-current
  I wl-current/distinfo
  I wl-current/
  I wl-current/patches/patch-aa
makoto: Import emacs-w3m-1.4.50nb20081118 as wip/emacs-w3m-current. Emac
  I emacs-w3m-current/DESCR
  I emacs-w3m-current/Makefile
  I emacs-w3m-current/PLIST
  I emacs-w3m-current/
  I emacs-w3m-current/distinfo
minskim: Import kpathsea-3.5.7 as wip/kpathsea. Kpathsea is a library to
  I kpathsea/DEINSTALL
  I kpathsea/DESCR
  I kpathsea/INSTALL
  I kpathsea/Makefile
  I kpathsea/PLIST
  I kpathsea/
  I kpathsea/distinfo
  I kpathsea/patches/patch-aa
minskim: Add kpathsea.
  P Makefile 1.3109
makoto: PLIST was not really updated, adding sb-f1fan.el* and Changelog.
  P emacs-w3m-current/PLIST 1.2
tonnerre: Actually add something to the dillo2 PLIST.
  P dillo2/PLIST 1.2
tonnerre: Fix path to PERL in dpidc script of dillo.
  P dillo2/Makefile 1.2
makoto: correction to typo: PKG_SUPPORTED_OPTIONS.wl -> PKG_SUPPORTED_OP
  P wl-current/ 1.2
thomasklausner: Initial import of liblinebreak-0.0.20080420, libtoolized
  I liblinebreak/DESCR
  I liblinebreak/Makefile
  I liblinebreak/PLIST
  I liblinebreak/
  I liblinebreak/distinfo
  I liblinebreak/patches/patch-aa
thomasklausner: Initial import of fbreader-0.8.17. Only gtk2 frontend su
  I fbreader/DESCR
  I fbreader/Makefile
  I fbreader/PLIST
  I fbreader/TODO
  I fbreader/distinfo
  I fbreader/
  I fbreader/patches/patch-aa
  I fbreader/patches/patch-ab
  I fbreader/patches/patch-ac
  I fbreader/patches/patch-ad
  I fbreader/patches/patch-ae
  I fbreader/patches/patch-af
  I fbreader/patches/patch-ag
  I fbreader/patches/patch-ah
  I fbreader/patches/patch-ai
thomasklausner: + fbreader, liblinebreak.
  P Makefile 1.3110
thomasklausner: Improve.
  P liblinebreak/DESCR 1.2
thomasklausner: Fix installation of a few more files.
  A fbreader/patches/patch-aj 1.1
  P fbreader/Makefile 1.2
  P fbreader/PLIST 1.2
  P fbreader/distinfo 1.2
thomasklausner: Initial import of vacuum-0.7: Segfaults on NetBSD-5.99.0
  I vacuum/DESCR
  I vacuum/Makefile
  I vacuum/PLIST
  I vacuum/TODO
  I vacuum/distinfo
thomasklausner: + vacuum.
  P Makefile 1.3111
tonnerre: Update p5-Catalyst-Engine-Apache to version 1.12, fixing vario
  P p5-Catalyst-Engine-Apache/Makefile 1.6
  P p5-Catalyst-Engine-Apache/distinfo 1.3

makoto: using SUBST instead of embedded sed in Makefile
  A wl-current/patches/patch-ab 1.1
  P wl-current/Makefile 1.2
  P wl-current/distinfo 1.2
makoto: distinfo was wrong, sorry, corrected
  P wl-current/distinfo 1.3
jsonn: DESTDIR ready
  P ecore/Makefile 1.24
  P epeg/Makefile 1.10
  P epsilon/Makefile 1.6
  P eina/Makefile 1.8
  P edje/Makefile 1.26
  P edje/PLIST 1.8
  P efreet/Makefile 1.12

minskim: Add templates to rebuild ls-R databases in texmf trees.
  A kpathsea/files/texmf-deinstall.tmpl 1.1
  A kpathsea/files/texmf-install.tmpl 1.1
  P kpathsea/ 1.2
makoto: Update PLIST based on upstream change
  P emacs-current/PLIST 1.71
marttikuparinen: Added mediawiki
  P Makefile 1.3112
marttikuparinen: Added LICENSE=gnu-gpl-v2
  P joomla/Makefile 1.17
thomasklausner: Use audio/speex, new enough now.
  P linphone/Makefile 1.21
thomasklausner: Remove speex-devel, audio/speex is now the same version.
  P Makefile 1.3113

yhardy: Update to WebKit-r38591.
  P webkit-gtk/Makefile 1.8
  P webkit-gtk/PLIST 1.4
  P webkit-gtk/distinfo 1.6
  P webkit-gtk/patches/patch-ac 1.3
  P webkit-gtk/patches/patch-ad 1.2
yhardy: Update to midori 0.1.0.
  P midori/Makefile 1.3
  P midori/PLIST 1.3
  P midori/distinfo 1.3
minskim: Import texlive-tetex-2008 as wip/texlive-tetex. This is a colle
  I texlive-tetex/DESCR
  I texlive-tetex/Makefile
  I texlive-tetex/PLIST
  I texlive-tetex/
  I texlive-tetex/distinfo
  I texlive-tetex/patches/patch-aa
minskim: Add texlive-tetex.
  P Makefile 1.3114
minskim: Correct the path to this package.
  P texlive-tetex/ 1.2
rsmarples: Bump to 4.0.5. ClientID is no longer sent by default.
  P dhcpcd/Makefile 1.21
  P dhcpcd/distinfo 1.20
thomasklausner: + tor-
  P TODO 1.337
dillo: Readd cruise option, mistakenly disabled by pasto in last commit.
  P scummvm-nightly/ 1.11
tonnerre: Add TODO entry about CVE-2008-5154 to p3nfs.
  A p3nfs/TODO 1.1
tonnerre: Add TODO entry about milw0rm exploit 7151 to noip.
  A noip/TODO 1.1
tonnerre: Add TODO entry about CVE-2005-0706 to grip.
  P grip/TODO 1.4
tonnerre: Add entry for CVE-2008-5025 to linux-kernel TODO.
  P linux-kernel/TODO 1.17
tonnerre: Add TODO entry about Interchange XSS vulnerability.
  P interchange/TODO 1.4
asau: WRKSRC has changed. Also extract tests (commented out due to CVS p
  P ecl/Makefile 1.19

cheusov: clean-ups in comments (VARIANTS7)
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/ 1.9
thomasklausner: Remove libvolumeid, newer version in devel/libvolume_id.
  P Makefile 1.3115
leot1990: Update to 0.22. Changes: 0.22 2008-11-20 Reworked the http con
  P p5-MediaWiki-API/Makefile 1.6
  P p5-MediaWiki-API/distinfo 1.6
thomasklausner: Remove some more hal packages, newer versions in pkgsrc.
  P Makefile 1.3116
leot1990: Do not hardcode ${PREFIX}.
  P fdm/MESSAGE 1.3
thomasklausner: Initial import of non-working backintime: GUI looks ok, 
  I backintime/DESCR
  I backintime/Makefile
  I backintime/PLIST
  I backintime/TODO
  I backintime/distinfo
thomasklausner: + backintime.
  P Makefile 1.3117
gschwarz: activate tac_plus-libradius's existing handling of different O
  P tac_plus-libradius/Makefile 1.6
  P tac_plus-libradius/distinfo 1.6
  P tac_plus-libradius/patches/patch-af 1.3
jym-netbsd: Add buildlink3 support.
  A jbigkit/ 1.1

thomasklausner: + dhcpcd-4.0.5, gallery-1.5.10, smc-1.6, xcb-util-0.3.1.
  P TODO 1.338
jh88: Update to pnmcurve-0.0.3 Changes: - Don't link pnmcurve with fltk.
  P pnmcurve/Makefile 1.3
  P pnmcurve/distinfo 1.3
thomasklausner: Reorder lines a bit, break long lines, remove empty line
  P jbigkit/Makefile 1.2
thomasklausner: Recreate with a recent version of createbuildlink, add R
  P jbigkit/ 1.2
thomasklausner: Re-add that this is a build dependency. Noted by OKATA A
  P jbigkit/ 1.3
minskim: Create all system-wide texmf directories.
  P kpathsea/DEINSTALL 1.2
  P kpathsea/INSTALL 1.2
  P kpathsea/Makefile 1.2
  P kpathsea/PLIST 1.2
  P kpathsea/distinfo 1.2
  P kpathsea/patches/patch-aa 1.2
minskim: Use $SELFAUTODIR to set TEXMFDOC. This is consistent with setti
  P kpathsea/distinfo 1.3
  P kpathsea/patches/patch-aa 1.3
minskim: Use CONF_FILES to install texmf.cnf.
  A kpathsea/patches/patch-ab 1.1
  P kpathsea/Makefile 1.3
  P kpathsea/PLIST 1.3
  P kpathsea/distinfo 1.4
minskim: Fix pkglint warnings.
  P kpathsea/Makefile 1.4
  P kpathsea/ 1.3
minskim: Do not install directories that are not used by this package.
  P texlive-tetex/distinfo 1.2
  P texlive-tetex/patches/patch-aa 1.2

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