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pkgsrc-wip CVS digest 2008, week 46

obache: Note CVE-2008-{3528,4395}
  P linux-kernel/TODO 1.16
ondratu: Import tuxanci-0.20.0 as wip/tuxanci. Tuxanci are czechoslovak 
  I tuxanci/DESCR
  I tuxanci/Makefile
  I tuxanci/PLIST
  I tuxanci/distinfo
ondratu: Import tuxanci-server-0.20.0 as wip/tuxanci-server. Tuxanci are
  I tuxanci-server/DESCR
  I tuxanci-server/Makefile
  I tuxanci-server/PLIST
  I tuxanci-server/distinfo
  I tuxanci-server/patches/patch-aa
  I tuxanci-server/patches/patch-ab
ondratu: Import tuxanci and tuxanci-server
  P Makefile 1.3096
thomasklausner: Bump PKGREVISION for libXaw API depends bump due to libX
  P autocutsel/Makefile 1.3
  P modular-xorg-server/Makefile 1.23
  P sxemacs/Makefile 1.5
  P texlive-bin/Makefile 1.10
  P xclipboard/Makefile 1.3
  P xgobi/Makefile 1.13
gschwarz: OpenBSD's skeychallenge() also has three arguments only
  P tacacs-shrubbery/ 1.8
gschwarz: improved compatibility with OpenBSD
  P tac_plus-libradius/Makefile 1.5
dillo: Add option for tucker engine (Bud Tucker in Double Trouble).
  P scummvm-nightly/PLIST 1.6
  P scummvm-nightly/distinfo 1.4
  P scummvm-nightly/ 1.9

obache: Note CVE-2008-4979.
  P rancid/TODO 1.2
gschwarz: updated iodine to the latest release, version 0.4.2
  P iodine/Makefile 1.2
  P iodine/distinfo 1.2
minskim: Remove PKGREVISION. This should have been done when this packag
  P entrance/Makefile 1.5
cheusov: new executable
  A pkg_summary-utils/files/pkg_uniq_summary.1 1.1
  A pkg_summary-utils/files/ 1.1
cheusov: Version 0.21.0, by Aleksey Cheusov, Tue, 11 Nov 2008 22:59:51 +
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/Makefile.version 1.38
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/NEWS 1.32
cheusov: pkg_uniq_summary is now installed
  P pkg_summary-utils/PLIST 1.10
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/Makefile 1.18
cheusov: minor fix
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/NEWS 1.33
gschwarz: updated libexosip to 3.2.0
  P libexosip/Makefile 1.3
  P libexosip/ 1.2
  P libexosip/distinfo 1.2

minskim: Use x11/libXft instead of fonts/Xft2.
  P emacs-current/ 1.10
marttikuparinen: ap22-authnz-external is already in pkgsrc/www
  P Makefile 1.3097
marttikuparinen: Moved ap22-authn-sasl to pkgsrc/www
  P Makefile 1.3098
obache: Note two vulnerabilities.
  P joomla/TODO 1.7
obache: Note CVE-2008-493{3,4}
  P linux24-kernel/TODO 1.4
thomasklausner: Add new file, due to doxygen update. Bump PKGREVISION.
  P lensfun/Makefile 1.2
  P lensfun/PLIST 1.2
thomasklausner: Depend on proper doxygen version.
  P lensfun/Makefile 1.3
marttikuparinen: Updated to 1.5.8 Security fixes: http://developer.jooml
  P joomla/Makefile 1.16
  P joomla/PLIST 1.10
  P joomla/TODO 1.8
  P joomla/distinfo 1.6
cheusov: destdir support is needed
  P joomla/TODO 1.9
cheusov: PKGPATH is output in addition to MAINTAINER
  P pkg_conflicts/files/pkg_all_conflicts 1.8
cheusov: better comments
  P pkg_conflicts/files/pkg_all_conflicts 1.9
cheusov: MAINTAINER and PKGBASE are also output (just like pkg_all_confl
  P pkg_conflicts/files/pkg_conflicts 1.4

thomasklausner: + libxcb-1.1.92, llvm-2.4.
  P TODO 1.335
shattered: Install config file, bump revision.
  P cpm/Makefile 1.2
  P cpm/PLIST 1.2
  P cpm/distinfo 1.2
  A cpm/patches/patch-af 1.1
christtrekker: adding kegs
  P Makefile 1.3099
christtrekker: Import kegs-0.91 as wip/kegs. Kent's Emulated GS - an App
  I kegs/DESCR
  I kegs/Makefile
  I kegs/PLIST
  I kegs/distinfo

obache: I'll not work here anymore.
  P Makefile 1.3100
  P ruby-GalleryAdministrator/Makefile 1.10
thomasklausner: Remove date from +++ line, for easier patchdiffing.
  P linphone/patches/patch-ab 1.5
  P linphone/patches/patch-ae 1.4
  P linphone/patches/patch-ah 1.5
thomasklausner: NetBSD build fixes.
  P linphone/distinfo 1.8
  P linphone/patches/patch-aa 1.5
  P linphone/patches/patch-ac 1.3
  P linphone/patches/patch-ad 1.3
thomasklausner: Disable video option by default, since it doesn't build 
  P linphone/Makefile 1.19
thomasklausner: Put options into
  A linphone/ 1.1
  P linphone/Makefile 1.20
thomasklausner: Mark as broken on -current.
  P gcc42/TODO 1.2
rsmarples: The rc.d script should depend on the PREFIX config location.
  P parpd/files/ 1.2
cheusov: update to 0.24beta2
  P distbb/Makefile
  P distbb/PLIST
  P distbb/distinfo
cheusov: fix for Solaris
  P heirloom-libcommon/Makefile 1.5
cheusov: Additions to COMMENT
  P mawk-uxre/Makefile 1.7
cheusov: pkg_src_summary -> $0
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/ 1.8

dillo: Add option for new Groovie engine and fix pasto in tinsel/tucker 
  P scummvm-nightly/ 1.10
phonohawk: scores.raw should be treated as a config file.
  A tome2/DEINSTALL 1.1
  P tome2/Makefile 1.2
  P tome2/PLIST 1.2
  P tome2/distinfo 1.2
  P tome2/patches/patch-ab 1.2
asau: Back to Subversion-based package. Use PKGNAME without dash to be c
  P openaxiom/Makefile 1.9
asau: Back to Subversion-based package. Catch up with recent changes.
  P openaxiom/PLIST 1.10
asau: Help PLIST generation, the following tools are X-specific: viewAlo
  P openaxiom/ 1.5
jym-netbsd: Import jbigkit-1.6 as wip/jbigkit. jbigkit provides a librar
  I jbigkit/DESCR
  I jbigkit/Makefile
  I jbigkit/PLIST
  I jbigkit/distinfo
jym-netbsd: Add wip/jbigkit.
  P Makefile 1.3101
asau: Update to FriCAS 1.0.4. Changes since FriCAS 1.0.3: User Interface
  P fricas/Makefile 1.15
  P fricas/PLIST 1.11
  P fricas/distinfo 1.9
  P fricas/patches/patch-aa 1.6
gschwarz: iodine uses zlib
  P iodine/Makefile 1.3

asau: Uncomment MASTER_SITES, remove CONFLICTS.
  P gforth/Makefile 1.7
asau: Adjust for recent changes.
  P gforth/distinfo 1.8
  P gforth/patches/patch-ab 1.5
asau: Remove ONLY_FOR_PLATFORM declaration. Gforth is meant to be portab
  P gforth/Makefile 1.8
thomasklausner: + endeavour-2.10.2, icc-11.0.
  P TODO 1.336

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