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pkgsrc-wip CVS digest 2008, week 48

obache: update jbigkit to 2.0. Changes in version 2.0 (2008-08-30) Main 
  P jbigkit/DESCR 1.2
  P jbigkit/Makefile 1.3
  P jbigkit/PLIST 1.2
  P jbigkit/distinfo 1.2
makoto: convert to PLIST_VARS (emacs-w3m-current) ------ By the way, cur
  P wl-current/PLIST 1.2
  P wl-current/ 1.3
minskim: Import silgraphite-2.3 as wip/silgraphite. Graphite is a projec
  I silgraphite/DESCR
  I silgraphite/Makefile
  I silgraphite/PLIST
  I silgraphite/
  I silgraphite/distinfo
  I silgraphite/patches/patch-aa
  I silgraphite/patches/patch-ab
  I silgraphite/patches/patch-ac
  I silgraphite/patches/patch-ad
  I silgraphite/patches/patch-ae
minskim: Add silgraphite.
  P Makefile 1.3118
minskim: Import texlive-texmf-base-2008 as wip/texlive-texmf-base. TeX L
  I texlive-texmf-base/DESCR
  I texlive-texmf-base/Makefile
  I texlive-texmf-base/distinfo
  I texlive-texmf-base/PLIST
minskim: Add texlive-texmf-base.
  P Makefile 1.3119
minskim: Fix PLIST. LOWER_VENDOR was incorrectly added by print-PLIST.
  P texlive-texmf-base/PLIST 1.2
minskim: Import web2c-7.5.7 as wip/web2c. Web2C is an implementation of 
  I web2c/DESCR
  I web2c/INSTALL
  I web2c/Makefile
  I web2c/PLIST
  I web2c/distinfo
  I web2c/patches/patch-aa
  I web2c/patches/patch-ab
  I web2c/patches/patch-ac
  I web2c/patches/patch-ad
  I web2c/patches/patch-ae
  I web2c/patches/patch-af
  I web2c/patches/patch-ag
  I web2c/patches/patch-ah
  I web2c/patches/patch-ai
  I web2c/patches/patch-aj
  I web2c/patches/patch-ak
  I web2c/patches/patch-al
  I web2c/patches/patch-am
  I web2c/patches/patch-an
  I web2c/patches/patch-ao
  I web2c/patches/patch-ap
minskim: Add web2c.
  P Makefile 1.3120
minskim: Add a dependency on fontconfig, which is required by xetex.
  P web2c/Makefile 1.2
minskim: Use the included lua library because this package needs functio
  D web2c/patches/patch-am 1.2
  D web2c/patches/patch-an 1.2
  D web2c/patches/patch-ao 1.2
  P web2c/Makefile 1.3
  P web2c/distinfo 1.2
  P web2c/patches/patch-ap 1.2

koifren: mention security issue
  P gallery/TODO 1.2
cheusov: BUGS section
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/pkg_src_summary.1 1.17
cheusov: 'pkg_grep_summary fvalue==""' ====> 'pkg_grep_summary -e' more 
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/ 1.10
koifren: security advisory
  A xulrunner/TODO 1.1
gschwarz: improved compatibility on Linux
  P tac_plus-libradius/distinfo 1.7
  P tac_plus-libradius/patches/patch-al 1.2
jh88: Update to 0.0.4 Changes: - Use strsep replacement in pnmcurvedit t
  P pnmcurve/Makefile 1.4
  P pnmcurve/distinfo 1.4
rsmarples: Bump for a fix adding host routes.
  P dhcpcd/Makefile 1.22
  P dhcpcd/distinfo 1.21
cheusov: external .mk for future versions of PSU
  A pkg_summary-utils/files/ 1.1
cheusov: Initial fixes for -A (passing {PYTHON,PHP,APACHE}_VERSIONS_REQD
  P pkg_summary-utils/PLIST
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/Makefile
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/pkg_src_summary.1
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
cheusov: variable renamings further fixes for -A
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/

anielski: - upgrade to latest, official release (2.006)
  P p5-Mail-SPF/Makefile 1.6
  P p5-Mail-SPF/distinfo 1.2
marttikuparinen: mediawiki was moved to pkgsrc/www
  P Makefile 1.3121
gschwarz: updated linphone to release 3.0.0
  P linphone/Makefile 1.22
  P linphone/PLIST 1.12
  P linphone/distinfo 1.9
  P linphone/patches/patch-aa 1.6
  P linphone/patches/patch-ab 1.6
  P linphone/patches/patch-ae 1.5
  P linphone/patches/patch-ah 1.6
cheusov: Internal variable VARIANTS7 renamed to _VARIANTS, INHER_ASSIGNS
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
cheusov: fix for pkg_src_summary -m: if *_REQD is set for {python,php,ap
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
gschwarz: upgraded noip to 2.1.9 which is security bug fix release
  P noip/Makefile 1.8
  P noip/distinfo 1.8
  P noip/files/makefile.noip 1.2
  P noip/patches/patch-aa 1.4
cheusov: added: -h|--help option
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/TODO
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
cheusov: -d option adds DEPENDS to PSS_FIELDS -D option adds BUILD_DEPEN
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
cheusov: file src_summary3.txt was initially added on branch devel.
  D pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/src_summary3.txt 1.1
cheusov: pkg_uniq_summary uses (PKGPATH, PKGBASE, ASSIGNMENTS) for compa
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/src_summary3.txt
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/test.out
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/
cheusov: fixes and minor improvements of regression tests
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/test.out
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/
cheusov: regression test for pkg_uniq_summary
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/
cheusov: fix in pkg_uniq_summary and its regression test
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/test.out
cheusov: pair -> triple
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/pkg_uniq_summary.1
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
cheusov: Passing building options (*_REQD etc.) to dependencies may caus
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/

koifren: add security issue
  A wordpress/TODO 1.1
rsmarples: Import evilvte, VTE based, highly customizable terminal emula
  A evilvte/DESCR 1.1
  A evilvte/Makefile 1.1
  A evilvte/PLIST 1.1
  A evilvte/distinfo 1.1
  A evilvte/patches/patch-aa 1.1
jym-netbsd: Import cups-driver-Magicolor5440DL-1.2.1 as wip/cups-driver-
  I cups-driver-Magicolor5440DL/DESCR
  I cups-driver-Magicolor5440DL/Makefile
  I cups-driver-Magicolor5440DL/PLIST
  I cups-driver-Magicolor5440DL/distinfo
  I cups-driver-Magicolor5440DL/patches/patch-aa
jym-netbsd: Regen.
  P Makefile 1.3122
cheusov: minor fix in regression tests: X.X.X -> single X
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/test.out
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/
cheusov: more efficient -A.
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
cheusov: grep ... || true
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
cheusov: notes for release 0.22.0
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/NEWS
cheusov: regression tests for pkg_src_summary -m
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/test.out
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/
cheusov: new regression test for 'pkg_src_summary -A' fix for 'pkg_src_s
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/test.out
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/
cheusov: pkg_src_summary modifies (BUILD)?DEPENDS field and adds buildin
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
cheusov: code clean-ups
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
cheusov: fixes for regression tests
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/test.out

shindenmorr: Update to newest version.
  D wordpress/TODO 1.2
  P wordpress/Makefile 1.4
  P wordpress/distinfo 1.3
shindenmorr: wordpress updated
  P TODO 1.339
cheusov: update to 0.24beta3
  P distbb/Makefile
  P distbb/distinfo

obache: PLIST_VARS must be defined unconditinally.
  P wl-current/ 1.4
schnoebe: Depend on ../../net/py-twisted, since it is now new enough.
  P py-jabber-aimt/Makefile 1.13
  P py-jabber-icqt/Makefile 1.20
  P py-jabber-msnt/Makefile 1.24
  P py-jabber-palaver/Makefile 1.4
  P py-jabber-proxy65/Makefile 1.7
cheusov: clean-ups
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
cheusov: optimization clean-ups
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
cheusov: added: -g option for debugging
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/
cheusov: pkg_uniq_summary is already implemented
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/TODO
blef: Remove traces of python{15,20}.
  P edoc/Makefile 1.8
  P gDesklets/Makefile 1.28
  P py-xmpppy/Makefile 1.7
  P xbelmark/Makefile 1.8

pettai: added support
  A dkim-milter/ 1.1
pettai: also install include/dkim.h
  P dkim-milter/Makefile 1.39
  P dkim-milter/PLIST 1.18
dillo: Remove option for Tinsel engine, it's enabled by default now.
  P scummvm-nightly/ 1.12
pettai: Updated development snapshot
  P milter-greylist-devel/Makefile 1.2
  P milter-greylist-devel/distinfo 1.2
  P milter-greylist-devel/ 1.2
thomasklausner: Remove f-spot, imported into pkgsrc/graphics/f-spot.
  P Makefile 1.3123

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