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Re: 9.0-current-2023-08-12-04.12 (NetBSD/amd64 9.0 binary packages)

Jason Bacon <> writes:

> Is 9.3 fully binary compatible with 9.0?  If not, would it be feasible
> to change the 9.0 in the URLs to 9.3 for the sake of honesty in advertising?

By releng doctrine, it should be.  If it turns out it isn't, then it
would be good to know, but I would favor an "assume ABI compat until
shown otherwise" approach.

Also, in case anybody is wondering why the directories start with . :

Publishing builds of pkgsrc head is irregular, relative to what we
expect on the ftp server.  This has a high ratio of usefulness to space
taken up, so it's totally fine it's there.  However, we also have an
archive server that stores copies of builds, generally those for
supported OS releases and quarterly branches, for a very long time.
This location enables us to more comfortably delete
old branches from  However, we don't want to put builds
of pkgsrc-current on the archive server, and directories that start with
. aren't synced.  (Or at least I think that's the plan :)

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