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helping test for 2022Q2

The freeze has started for 2022Q2, expected to last about a week or
slightly longer, and I encourage pgksrc users to help test as they are

Basically, on a machine where you can cope with possible disruption:

  update your pkgsrc tree to HEAD ('cvs up -A')

  either do a bulk build, if you do that, or do pkg_rolling-replace, if
  you do that.  (I know some use make update, but I find it too scary
  and do not recommend it.)

  If a packge doesn't build, report it here.  It's even better if you
  can explain the problem or provide a fix, but just a report is
  helpful.  Include OS version, that you are up to date on pkgsrc HEAD
  (when you updated), and how you are doing the build.

  If everything builds, there's no need to report that.


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