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Re: misc/bbdb version 2 and 3

Makoto Fujiwara <> writes:

> I'm afraid that in cvs world, renaming the directory means
> loose history, correct ?

Not really lost, just needs effort to chase since new commit messages
says "moved from..."

> So, I'll change only PKGNAME (PKGBASE) to bbdb2, and directory name
> will remain intact.

Then people looking for bbdb as source, rather than binary, will still
be misled, and then we have PKGNAME and PKG_PATH not matching.  I think
the confusion and work imposed on people by that is greater than the
work imposed on the theoretical person that wants to read the CVS
hisotry of our bbdb2 package.  Our package is not that interesting; it
just does the build like upstream wants and puts the files in the right

> (to be changed also)
> -./misc/bbdb3/  ../../misc/bbdb
> +./misc/bbdb3/  ../../misc/bbdb3

a bugfix.

> I've not checked for the line
> ./editors/emacs-packages/Makefile:DEPENDS+=     ${EMACS_PKGNAME_PREFIX}bbdb-[0-9]*:../../misc/bbdb

This is what 'finddepends' is for.

  /usr/pkgsrc $ finddepends misc/bbdb

  /usr/pkgsrc $ finddepends misc/bbdb3

(And for those not using bbdb reading along, while nothing in *pkgsrc*
uses bbdb3, anybody actually using bbdb ought to be using 3 not 2.  I am
using 3 in gnus, for example, not through pkgsrc, because my use of bbdb
predates pkgsrc.)

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