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Re: misc/bbdb version 2 and 3

Greg, thank you for the comment,

I'm afraid that in cvs world, renaming the directory means
loose history, correct ?

So, I'll change only PKGNAME (PKGBASE) to bbdb2, and directory name
will remain intact.

(to be changed also)
-./misc/bbdb3/  ../../misc/bbdb
+./misc/bbdb3/  ../../misc/bbdb3

I've not checked for the line
./editors/emacs-packages/Makefile:DEPENDS+=     ${EMACS_PKGNAME_PREFIX}bbdb-[0-9]*:../../misc/bbdb

bbdb2 conservative
  vm             (not for sure)

bbdb2 family for the moment
  semi           (both may be OK, but be with wl)
  emacs-package  (to avoid mixture)

bbdb3 family
  (not for now ?)

h97@makoto 09:09:07/220604(/tmp/pkgsrc)% grep -r  misc/bbdb .          

./devel/semi/ "../../misc/bbdb/"
./doc/CHANGES-2011:     Updated misc/bbdb to 2.35 [minskim 2011-10-12]
./doc/CHANGES-2022:     Added misc/bbdb3 version 3.2.2a [nikita 2022-04-14]
./doc/CHANGES-2022:     Updated misc/bbdb3 to 3.2.2anb1 [nikita 2022-04-20]
./editors/emacs-packages/Makefile:DEPENDS+=     ${EMACS_PKGNAME_PREFIX}bbdb-[0-9]*:../../misc/bbdb
./mail/vm/Makefile:.include "../../misc/bbdb/"
./mail/wl/Makefile:.include "../../misc/bbdb/"
./mail/wl-snapshot/Makefile:.include "../../misc/bbdb/"
./misc/bbdb/    ../../misc/bbdb
./misc/bbdb3/  ../../misc/bbdb

Thank you,
Makoto Fujiwara
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