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Re: Seeking status reports on unusual operating systems

On 22/04/04 11:27AM, Cygnus X-1 wrote:
> > Do they have aligned version numbers? 
> > How would I tell if I had one of these and a
> > version number if pkgsrc worked from the README?
> illumos-gate is what, in the Solaris IPS nomenclature, is referred to as
> a OS/Net (ON) consolidation, a modular set of IPS packages which make
> up the core OS.

On thing I forgot to mention is that you can actually display the
current OS/Net version by running:

    $ pkg info osnet-incorporation | grep Branch | awk '{print $2}'

This should work on both Illumos (regardless of distribution) and
Solaris 11. In the former case, it will reveal the illumos-gate build
which the system is currently based upon. On Solaris, it will return the
current SRU.

A noticeable exception is Tribblix, since  it only uses IPS for building
illumos and then uses a ips2svr4 script to convert core packages to
traditional SVR4 packages, which is what Tribblix uses for its zap
overlays packaging framework.

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