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Re: "Check mark" symbol missing using 'evince'?

Now that Firefox's PDF handler supports fillable forms, I can open a
fillable-field PDF with Firefox and the "check box" items receive a
heavy "X" glyph when activated (mouse click or space-bar).

Using 'evince', the font properties shows three non-embedded fonts, two
with "No Name", and one of those claiming an Encoding of "ZapfDingbats".
Both of those, however, were substituted with "Bitstream Vera Sans".
The third extra font was Bitstream Vera Sans Bold and was substituted

The properties claim that ZapfDingbatsStd is embedded in the PDF, but
apparently the appropriate glyph is not available to 'evince'.

I'd rather not use a web browser to manipulate fillable-field PDFs.

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