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Re: Seeking status reports on unusual operating systems

Cygnus X-1 <> writes:

> Well, since not all Solaris are created equal, and I haven't seen
> any reference to pkgsrc on Solaris 11 recently, I think it's worth
> noticing that pkgsrc-2022Q1 bootstraps and works perfectly on Solaris
> 11.4 using SunStudio 12.6 as compiler. 

Please place an updated README.Solaris in wip/bootstrap.

> I think Illumos and Solaris have diverged enough to be considered
> different platforms. Even within the illumos ecosystem there are
> non-negligible differences between distributions.

pkgsrc maps systems to a mk/platform/${platform}.mk so if Solaris and
illumos use the same platform/ file, they are the same platform,
by definition, and then there are within-platform differences
accomodated there.  However, "egrep -R llumos ." in mk does not match
any code.

I lean to thinking that our README.${platform}
should exactly mirror that naming and if not it's a bug.  Currently this
is platform/ and bootstrap/README.Solaris

If you want to propose a split into platform/Solaris and
platform/Ilumos, that's a big change and would need rationale on
tech-pkg.  But I am unaware of a problem that it would solve.

> I have a working pkgsrc-2021Q4 tree on Minix 3.4.0rc6 (latest and
> possibly last developer preview). Using the `pkgin_sets' script to
> install the toolchain (clang 3.6),  and the developer tools first is a
> requirement. From then, one can do `bmake update' to get the most recent
> version of pkgtools/pkg_install and so on. I successfully built several
> packages which weren't available in the official repo with little to no
> trouble. 

Thanks.  Please review what I just put in README.Minix3 and if it's not
right, please put a fixed version in wip/bootstrap.

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