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Re: GO on macOS Monterrey

At Sun, 6 Mar 2022 09:06:17 +0000 (UTC), Benny Siegert <> wrote:
Subject: Re: GO on macOS Monterrey
> Yes. The conclusion is (importantly for us):
> 1.18 will still bootstrap with Go 1.4.
> 1.19 will require Go 1.17 for bootstrap.
> Regarding 1.19 (which, to be clear, will not be released until the
> fall), there are three options:
> 1. Keep the current source bootstrap, i.e. build Go 1.4, then 1.17
> with 1.4, then 1.19+ with Go 1.17.
> 2. Use gccgo for bootstrap. Probably not that good an option, since
> this means building gcc11. Actual platform support for gccgo on
> non-Linux has also been unreliable -- though we fixed NetBSD.
> 3. Bootstrap using go-bin on all architectures.
> Personally, I am inclined to flip the default to #3, with #1 still
> available as an option.

I like that too!  Especially if #1 can be baked into pkgsrc.

I'm more inclined to want to use #1 on the likes of a from-scratch whole
system like NetBSD, while using go-bin on something like Darwin seems
quite natural and expected -- one prime reason I use macOS in the first
place is to delegate the maintenance and building of a majority of the
software to other people.

> Anecdotally, I have seen more than a few
> reports of people who get annoyed at Go in pkgsrc because it builds a
> whole extra version.

Heh.  Building three go compilers takes less time than building almost
any other general-purpose compiler in the tree!  (or the CMake monster
alone for that matter -- I hate it most of all and will not ever use it)

> If the minimum bootstrap version does not change too often,
> maintaining go-bin won't be as burdensome as the Rust bootstrap
> kits. For most architectures except aarch64, we can use the official
> release binaries.

In the original proposal Russ jokingly said:

    The next obvious entry in the sequence after Go 1.4 and Go 1.16 is
    Go 1.256, followed by Go 1.65536.

Even if the sequence ended up being prime numbers it wouldn't be so bad!

					Greg A. Woods <>

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