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Re: GO on macOS Monterrey

At Fri, 4 Mar 2022 13:03:38 -0600, Jason Bacon <> wrote:
Subject: GO on macOS Monterrey
> Has anyone looked into the possibility of
> using a newer GO package than 1.4 for
> bootstrapping?  Apparently go 1.10 and
> earlier depend on a kernel feature that
> has been removed from Monterrey.

Heh.  I was about to post about that too as it has broken my builds.

There is/was a related bug report of sorts:

As Nikita also posted, there's a proposal for updating the bootstrap.

Unfortunately the bootstrap proposal still requires a bootstrap chain of
sorts, starting with go-1.4, to build from scratch.

So I think what it really means for modern macOS is that the go-1.4
needs a patch so that it can still run on modern macOS and thus
bootstrap the next in the chain (go1.17).

There was an explicit bug report about that:

but it was closed as a dup of 49425 and with a wave of dismissal saying
basically to just use a newer binary for building the latest release.

So, if pkgsrc and its macOS users are willing to skip a step and rely on
a third-party binary to build a newer go release on macOS....

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