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Re: GO on macOS Monterrey

On Fri, 4 Mar 2022, Nikita Ronja Gillmann wrote:

There is an open ticket about using 1.17 for 1.19 in upstream:

Yes. The conclusion is (importantly for us):

1.18 will still bootstrap with Go 1.4.

1.19 will require Go 1.17 for bootstrap.

Regarding 1.19 (which, to be clear, will not be released until the fall), there are three options:

1. Keep the current source bootstrap, i.e. build Go 1.4, then 1.17 with 1.4, then 1.19+ with Go 1.17.

2. Use gccgo for bootstrap. Probably not that good an option, since this means building gcc11. Actual platform support for gccgo on non-Linux has also been unreliable -- though we fixed NetBSD.

3. Bootstrap using go-bin on all architectures.

Personally, I am inclined to flip the default to #3, with #1 still available as an option. Anecdotally, I have seen more than a few reports of people who get annoyed at Go in pkgsrc because it builds a whole extra version.

If the minimum bootstrap version does not change too often, maintaining go-bin won't be as burdensome as the Rust bootstrap kits. For most architectures except aarch64, we can use the official release binaries.

What do you think?


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