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Re: Bootstrap older 2021 pkgsrc release

I don't understand why nextcloud doesn't keep the N->N+1 migration code
for multiple versions and just run them in sequence, as that's what
installing each one amounts to.  Probably the same goes for owncloud,
but I don't know if anyone still uses that.

I am not aware of any real difficulty in updating just nextcloud in
pkgsrc and rebuilding it, to deal with a multiple update step issue.  I
have done that once or twice over the years; I've been running owncloud
and then nextcloud since at least late 2013.  But it does require
building packages instead of just using binary packages built by someone

David Brownlee <> writes:

> Might it be worth trying to keep a couple of nextcloud versions in
> pkgsrc to try to mitigate this in future?

It might, but that would involve:


  making nextcloud into a versioned package, with all the cognitive load
  that has

  having old versions with CVEs sitting around

Right now the policy is that nextcloud gets at most one major version
jump per quarter.

The number of people with trouble seem to be very small, and this
instance is someone using the Joyent LTS version of pkgsrc, not pkgsrc
itself, which treats anything other than HEAD and the latest quarterly
as "you are out of date and should update".  Jonathan has graciuosly
offered to build a binary for this user.

So I am sort of -0.4 on versioning nextcloud, even if someone wanted to.
In wip, anyone should feel free.

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