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Bootstrap older 2021 pkgsrc release

Hi all,

Is it somehow possible to "bootstrap" an older quarterly pkgsrc release from 2021?
I'm running some OmniOSce servers with the pkgsrc-repo bootstrapped onto it, according to the instructions here:

I know how to do something like that with older 20xxQx-releases as available here:
but for some reason, no 2021Qx-tarballs are available there; 2020Q4 is the last one, from then onwards only "trunk"-balls remain, but these don't give me what I need.

According to these announcements:
there have been quarterly branches released this year, so it's not that there haven't been any. :-)

The reason I'm asking, is that I haven't been able to upgrade my Nextcloud 20-install from pkgsrc in time and the current release is 22 already, but Nextcloud does not allow for skipping a major version when upgrading.
I've also tried to upgrade from 20 to 21 by using the build-in update mechanism within Nextcloud, but when I then upgrade to 22 by using pkgin from pkgsrc again, all hell breaks loose and the only way out that I know of is rolling back (thank Ra for ZFS snapshots...).

So, if I could only try the upgrade to Nextcloud 21 as released in pkgsrc 2021Q1, and from there further on to the 22 release in "trunk", I might be able to prevent disaster. Or re-deploy and restore the whole thing from a clean install, which .. would be a last resort.

Any hints are really appreciated!
Thank you all.


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