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Re: Bootstrap older 2021 pkgsrc release

* On 2021-11-30 at 12:04 GMT, Andries Annema wrote:

Is it somehow possible to "bootstrap" an older quarterly pkgsrc release from
I'm running some OmniOSce servers with the pkgsrc-repo bootstrapped onto it,
according to the instructions here:

I know how to do something like that with older 20xxQx-releases as available
but for some reason, no 2021Qx-tarballs are available there; 2020Q4 is the last
one, from then onwards only "trunk"-balls remain, but these don't give me what
I need.

I stopped producing quarterly releases as they just weren't all that useful, the vast majority of people either use a Q4 LTS release or follow trunk.

It's unfortunate that Nextcloud has such a restrictive upgrade procedure, but yeh there's no reason why you couldn't bootstrap your own 2021Qx release yourself and build the necessary intermediate packages, then just follow trunk to keep updated.

Alternatively you could set up a trunk pkgbuild instance, use git to revert the pkgsrc tree back to the version of www/php-nextcloud that you need, and then build it. Sometimes there will be complications with this method depending on how many strict dependencies have changed, but it may be simpler. If you run into issues with this just let me know and I can probably build it myself and send you the binary package.


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