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Re: [patch] use cp without -p if it fails

On 28 Nov 2021, at 11:46, Amitai Schleier wrote:

On 5 Aug 2021, at 15:47, Sijmen J. Mulder wrote:

After setting up pkgsrc on a new FreeBSD 13 installation on ZFS, I
encoutnered an error when building any package: cp would report a
chattr failure copying the package file from the work directory to the
packages directory.

This was because my work directory is hosted on the ZFS root
filesystem, which sets 'uarch' flags, and the packages directory is on
an NFS-mounted volume which doesn't support that flag (or any?).

The attached patch uses regular 'cp' if 'cp -p' doesn't work.

I'd like to get review on my (similar but different) patch, below. It's served me well for quite some time.

After some review, my patch turned into exactly what sjmulder@ proposed. Sijmen, I think we have enough agreement (and enough lack of disagreement) for you to commit.

- Amitai

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