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Re: gcc10 with Ada support added to wip

Am Sat, 6 Nov 2021 20:56:59 +0000
schrieb "Chavdar Ivanov" <>:

> After uninstalling math/isl I was able to build lang/gcc6-aux without
> any problems. If isl is causing trouble with this package, perhaps
> there is a switch to disable it, I don't know.
> wip/gcc10-aux failed the same way though. I will rerun it wit
> PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=1, as Alistair suggested.
> Chavdar

Thank you for your report. I may add a --without-isl flag to gcc6-aux
then. For whatever reason it is finding it and adding it automatically.

I look fordward to your gcc10-aux report. I keep testing gcc10-aux in
-current and I have very good news and also discovered an issue.


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