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Re: pkgsrc/cad/qcad build problem

On Sun, 19 Sept 2021 at 15:09, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> writes:
> > While I was "make package", compilation terminated with missing
> > library error.  I inspected patches and saw that some patches already
> > related to similar problem.  After adding the patch below, I have able
> > to make package.  Before freeze, ould someone review and add missing
> > patch please?
> >
> > By the way, PLIST has one-line missing entry: lib/
> Sorry for taking so long, but afer bringing my netbsd-9 amd64 system up
> to date with pkgsrc head, I went to build qcad. I had built it in August
> ok, because it's one of those things that I keep thinking I will get
> around to trying out, but haven't yet.
> Doing 'make replace' (which involves package) ran just fine, with no
> errors and I now have an installed freshly-built package.  I didn't need
> to add PLIST, and I don't have installed.  It builds
> for someone else I checked with.  Looking on the ftp server, I see a
> package for (netbsd 9 amd64) 2021Q2 and also a build of pkgsrc head from
> July.
> I have no idea how to use it, but it started, prompted me for paper size
> and units, showed a canvas, and I was able to add a few grid lines and
> points.
> That leaves us trying to figure out why it doesn't work on your
> system, with the possibility that something is wrong that's being
> triggered by something unusual but valid that you're doing.
> Given the bulk build success, I doubt this is the problem, but I just
> uninstalled qcad and am doing another build; sometimes bits from
> installed packages leak into a package's build.  In a stuning win for
> ccache, that's done in only 3.5 minutes vs hours for the original.
> I do see some ignored errors in the build log.
> So I would suggest that you:
>   run "pkg_admin check" and reinstall any packges with errors, or clean
>   up
>   run "pkg_admin rebuild-tree"
>   make really sure you have only one PKGDB_DIR
>   go over your mk.conf and make sure it's minimal and valid
>   go over your environment and make sure there's nothing odd in there
>   (strange PATH, esp. LD_LIBRARY_PATH)
>   bring your pkgsrc sources up to date with HEAD, eg. cvs up -A
>   run "pkg_rolling-replace -uvk" and resolve any issues, repeat, or if
>   you are of the bulk build tribe, do a bulk with just qcad.
>   build again.  use MAKE_JOBS=1
> > My patch proposal is below:
> >
> > --- src/scripts/        2021-05-19 15:03:55.971487720 +0300
> > +++ src/scripts/     2021-05-19 15:08:38.619283102 +0300
> > @@ -6,8 +6,9 @@ TEMPLATE    = lib
> >  HEADERS     = RScriptsPlugin.h
> >  SOURCES     = RScriptsPlugin.cpp
> >  DESTDIR     = ../../plugins
> > +INSTALLS    += target
> >  RC_FILE     = scripts.rc
> > -LIBS        += -l$${RLIBNAME}core
> > +LIBS        += -L../core -l$${RLIBNAME}core
> >
> >  CONFIG      += resources_big
> Having skimmed the existing patches, I can see where you are going with
> that, but I don't want to add a patch for a problem I can't reproduce.
> Perhaps you can send a build log (to just me is fine if it's huge, or
> here is fine too) wtih MAKE_JOBS=1 after you have pkgsrc up to date.
> Greg

With respect to qcad, I have been able to build it under -current for
quite some time without any problems, but I have not been able to
actually run it - after the initial options dialog it spews a weird
list of javascript errors and quits. I have built it on two different
build hosts, one my usual, the other I made specifically to test qcad,
with almost empty mk.conf, to no avail.



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