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Re: pkgsrc/cad/qcad build problem writes:

> While I was "make package", compilation terminated with missing
> library error.  I inspected patches and saw that some patches already
> related to similar problem.  After adding the patch below, I have able
> to make package.  Before freeze, ould someone review and add missing
> patch please?
> By the way, PLIST has one-line missing entry: lib/

Sorry for taking so long, but afer bringing my netbsd-9 amd64 system up
to date with pkgsrc head, I went to build qcad. I had built it in August
ok, because it's one of those things that I keep thinking I will get
around to trying out, but haven't yet.

Doing 'make replace' (which involves package) ran just fine, with no
errors and I now have an installed freshly-built package.  I didn't need
to add PLIST, and I don't have installed.  It builds
for someone else I checked with.  Looking on the ftp server, I see a
package for (netbsd 9 amd64) 2021Q2 and also a build of pkgsrc head from

I have no idea how to use it, but it started, prompted me for paper size
and units, showed a canvas, and I was able to add a few grid lines and

That leaves us trying to figure out why it doesn't work on your
system, with the possibility that something is wrong that's being
triggered by something unusual but valid that you're doing.

Given the bulk build success, I doubt this is the problem, but I just
uninstalled qcad and am doing another build; sometimes bits from
installed packages leak into a package's build.  In a stuning win for
ccache, that's done in only 3.5 minutes vs hours for the original.

I do see some ignored errors in the build log.

So I would suggest that you:

  run "pkg_admin check" and reinstall any packges with errors, or clean

  run "pkg_admin rebuild-tree"

  make really sure you have only one PKGDB_DIR

  go over your mk.conf and make sure it's minimal and valid

  go over your environment and make sure there's nothing odd in there
  (strange PATH, esp. LD_LIBRARY_PATH)

  bring your pkgsrc sources up to date with HEAD, eg. cvs up -A

  run "pkg_rolling-replace -uvk" and resolve any issues, repeat, or if
  you are of the bulk build tribe, do a bulk with just qcad.

  build again.  use MAKE_JOBS=1

> My patch proposal is below:
> --- src/scripts/        2021-05-19 15:03:55.971487720 +0300
> +++ src/scripts/     2021-05-19 15:08:38.619283102 +0300
> @@ -6,8 +6,9 @@ TEMPLATE    = lib
>  HEADERS     = RScriptsPlugin.h
>  SOURCES     = RScriptsPlugin.cpp
>  DESTDIR     = ../../plugins
> +INSTALLS    += target
>  RC_FILE     = scripts.rc
> -LIBS        += -l$${RLIBNAME}core
> +LIBS        += -L../core -l$${RLIBNAME}core
>  CONFIG      += resources_big

Having skimmed the existing patches, I can see where you are going with
that, but I don't want to add a patch for a problem I can't reproduce.

Perhaps you can send a build log (to just me is fine if it's huge, or
here is fine too) wtih MAKE_JOBS=1 after you have pkgsrc up to date.


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