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pkgsrc/cad/qcad build problem

While I was "make package", compilation terminated with missing library
I inspected patches and saw that some patches already related to similar
After adding the patch below, I have able to make package.
Before freeze, ould someone review and add missing patch please?

By the way, PLIST has one-line missing entry: lib/

Best regards,
Mustafa Dogan

My patch proposal is below:

--- src/scripts/        2021-05-19 15:03:55.971487720 +0300
+++ src/scripts/     2021-05-19 15:08:38.619283102 +0300
@@ -6,8 +6,9 @@ TEMPLATE    = lib
 HEADERS     = RScriptsPlugin.h
 SOURCES     = RScriptsPlugin.cpp
 DESTDIR     = ../../plugins
+INSTALLS    += target
 RC_FILE     = scripts.rc
-LIBS        += -l$${RLIBNAME}core
+LIBS        += -L../core -l$${RLIBNAME}core

 CONFIG      += resources_big

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