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Re: GCC cross toolchain for AVR

Michael Bäuerle <> writes:

> I have prepared a GCC 10.3.0 cross compiler for AVR in "wip/avr-gcc".

Glad to see it.  I wonder if this is what one is supposed to  use to
build for arduino, or more for just crossbuilding for AVR chips not in
the arduino world.   (Plus, some arduinos are ARM these days, AIUI.[q)

> Does anybody still require the old package in "cross/avr-gcc",

I certainly do not, personally.

> most notably the C++ support that is disabled in "wip/avr-gcc"?
> Or are there other reasons that justify blocking an update?

My quick reaction is:

  It seems that the acr cross situation is somewhat troubled.

  We seem to have a need to have multiple (non-cross) gcc versions

  Dropping C++ seems like a big deal.

  Therefore, cross/avr-gcc probably should be versioned and I would
  therefore suggest adding cross/avr-gcc10

but I am underclued about the avr-gcc world.

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