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Re: GCC cross toolchain for AVR

Greg Troxel wrote:
> Michael Bäuerle <> writes:
> > 
> > I have prepared a GCC 10.3.0 cross compiler for AVR in "wip/avr-gcc".  
> Glad to see it.  I wonder if this is what one is supposed to  use to
> build for arduino, or more for just crossbuilding for AVR chips not in
> the arduino world.   (Plus, some arduinos are ARM these days, AIUI.[q)

I do not use Arduino (want to use this package for self-developed
hardware). But yes, it should be usable for such boards (the AVR
based ones).

> > [...]
> > most notably the C++ support that is disabled in "wip/avr-gcc"?
> > Or are there other reasons that justify blocking an update?  
> My quick reaction is:
>   It seems that the acr cross situation is somewhat troubled.
>   We seem to have a need to have multiple (non-cross) gcc versions

This looks even harder to get for cross compilers, because in this
case avr-binutils and avr-libc must match the compiler.

>   Dropping C++ seems like a big deal.

I have enabled the C++ support again (untested, I always use C for
such 8-Bit devices).

>   Therefore, cross/avr-gcc probably should be versioned and I would
>   therefore suggest adding cross/avr-gcc10
> but I am underclued about the avr-gcc world.

What we should already have is the target separation. It should
be possible to install packages for different targets in parallel
with avr-gcc.

Installing multiple versions of GCC for the AVR target is currently
not possible. The current package has no support for this too, so
there is at least no regression.


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