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Re: lang/guile 1.8.8 nb11 build failure

Chavdar Ivanov <> writes:

> Somewhat late...
> lang/guile still fails to build when using the system's gcc 10.3, as
> reported before. Instead of reverting the earlier releases and pkgsrc
> checkouts, I just placed /usr/pkg/gcc9/bin in front of the PATH; this
> way guile 1.8.8 builds and tests fine. No idea why...

1.8 is basically obsolete.  I'll try it with current after I update my
current box.

> I haven't checked which packages need lang/guile; in my case, this is
> TeXmacs, which explicitly states that only guile version 1 is
> supported (I was able to build it with version 2, but then the
> execution fails miserably in the scheme scripts). he guile site shows
> version 3.0.7 as the current one, with version 2 considered legacy and
> no mentioning of version 1.

guile 1.8 is really crufty but still exists slightly.  2.0 is very old,
and 2.2 somewhat old.  3 is still in wip, and I don't remember why.

Basically any project that doesn't work with 2.2 or 3.0 I would consider
not maintained.

> I guess lang/gcc9 should be added as a build dependency and the
> package modified to use it.

It's not really that it needs 9 but that 10 isn't ok.   This seems like
a combination of a a bug in the old guile and new gcc warning
fussiness.  It's not clear that force-requiring 9 is the right approach.

Have you filed a bug with  texmacs that it doesn't work with 2.2 and

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