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Re: lang/guile 1.8.8 nb11 build failure

Somewhat late...
lang/guile still fails to build when using the system's gcc 10.3, as
reported before. Instead of reverting the earlier releases and pkgsrc
checkouts, I just placed /usr/pkg/gcc9/bin in front of the PATH; this
way guile 1.8.8 builds and tests fine. No idea why...

I haven't checked which packages need lang/guile; in my case, this is
TeXmacs, which explicitly states that only guile version 1 is
supported (I was able to build it with version 2, but then the
execution fails miserably in the scheme scripts). he guile site shows
version 3.0.7 as the current one, with version 2 considered legacy and
no mentioning of version 1.

I guess lang/gcc9 should be added as a build dependency and the
package modified to use it.


On Fri, 25 Jun 2021 at 02:58, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> Chavdar Ivanov <> writes:
> > It is more likely the former. I don't actually understand the point of
> > the nb11 update - it came on the 24th of May, the only file of that
> > age is the Makefile, and the sole difference is the revision name:
> That's a 'revbump'.  Basically something guile depends on changed, and
> thus there's a PKGREVISION change to force an update.
> You could try 2021Q1 and see how that goes, to take all the recent
> pkgsrc changes off the table.  My guess is it will be the same.


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