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Re: Adding devel/gettext as dependency of lang/php80?

On Thu, 1 Jul 2021 at 17:44, hung.nguyengia
<> wrote:
> ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
> On Thursday, July 1st, 2021 at 10:26 PM, J. Lewis Muir <> wrote:
> > On 06/30, hung.nguyengia wrote:
> >
> > > Oh sorry. I'm on a RHEL clone.
> >
> > That's not specific enough; what OS and version?
> >
> How could I know? I only know I could install CentOS's rpm packages on it.

Very easy. On my recent Rocky (one of the recent Centos replacements,
rather good so far) I get:
# ls /etc/*release
/etc/os-release  /etc/redhat-release  /etc/rocky-release  /etc/system-release
# cat /etc/os-release
NAME="Rocky Linux"
VERSION="8.4 (Green Obsidian)"
ID_LIKE="rhel fedora"
PRETTY_NAME="Rocky Linux 8.4 (Green Obsidian)"
# cat /etc/redhat-release
Rocky Linux release 8.4 (Green Obsidian)
# cat /etc/rocky-release
Rocky Linux release 8.4 (Green Obsidian)
# cat /etc/system-release
Rocky Linux release 8.4 (Green Obsidian)
> > > After I get lang/php80 installed I did a bmake clean clean-depends so I have no log left to show.
> >
> > You can build it again if you want to make progress on this issue.
> >
> > Lewis
> No. I already have lang/php80 built for me and I will not do it again. My current struggle is with lang/nodejs. I can't give you the exact error message of lang/php80 but I'm sure the error is about missing of libintl. This library is missing so it can't be linked. Installing gettext-devel from the system solved this because it installed libintl into /usr/lib64. I think installing devel/gettext would archive the same effect.

I am going to bootstrap pkgsrc on this system to see how it goes.



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