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Re: wm/dwm missing st which is an important part

from Leonardo Taccari:

> Thomas Mueller writes:
> > I built and installed wm/dwm.

> > wm/dwm has rather limited functionality, more limited because it is missing st, which is a small terminal emulator, like a lesser xterm.

> This is intended: a window manager can be used also without a
> particular terminal emulator (I also would expect that probably a lot
> of wm/dwm users uses LOCALPATCHES to adjust its config.h and maybe also
> adjust the terminal emulator used).
> If you would like to install it you can install st-term.

> > Pkgsrc has a devel/st which is something not related, as does FreeBSD ports, and I believe pkgsrc can't have two or more packages with the same name.

> > There is a conflict: FreeBSD ports has x11/sterm, pkgsrc has x11/st-term.

> > Something needs to be done to resolve the conflict on st, if one wants dwm or sterm, the lesser xterm.

> There is no conflict: one can install both devel/st and x11/st-term at
> the same time.

I see from the PLIST of devel/st and x11/st-term that there are no common file names, no conflicts.

So I rebuilt wm/dwm and x11/st-term, each took well under one minute.

I am in wm/icewm13 now, it built on the second attempt after failing on the first.


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