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Painfully slow terminal refresh [ Was: Has mutt2 slowed down considerably? ]

On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 11:22:31PM +0530, Mayuresh wrote:
> For long I was using mutt 1.14.7. Recent pkgsrc updates led to upgrading
> to mutt 2.0.6.
> Now I can almost feel mutt painting the index view line by line! That's
> annoying. Has anyone else noticed this and is there any quirk to set it
> right?

The issue is not specific to mutt. Even vim, with syntax highlighting
shows a painfully slow refresh rate.

The terminal (xterm/uxterm) is launched from Linux and nothing has changed
on the Linux device. The server is NetBSD 9.1 amd64. The issue started
occurring after a lot of packages were updated after several months of
gap, on the server.

Which pkg level library, comes into play for colored fonts etc?

Any other clue? Even workarounds will be ok as it's really annoying to
work with this setup. I tried experimenting with TERM variable with no


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