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Re: bootstrap for x86_64 on Mac M1?

Am 10.06.2021 um 19:24 schrieb Mansour Moufid:
> The bootstrap process fails:
>     bmake(6664,0x201240e00) malloc: can't allocate region
>     :*** mach_vm_map(size=1048576, flags: 100) failed (error code=4)
>     bmake(6664,0x201240e00) malloc: *** set a breakpoint in
> malloc_error_break to debug
>     bmake[1]: Cannot allocate memory.
>     *** Error code 2

That looks strange indeed.  If you want to know more specifically where
bmake fails to allocate memory, you can add a few debugging options to
the bmake calls.

This works by changing make_quiet_flags="" in bootstrap/bootstrap,
around line 900. That variable was originally meant to be "-s" in quiet
mode, but it can be used for debug logging as well. Just set:

    make_quiet_flags="-dA"	# complete debug logging
    make_quiet_flags="-dcp"	# conditionals and parsing
    make_quiet_flags="-dv"	# variables and ${expressions}

Then bootstrap again.


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