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Re: Starting with pkgsrc on pristine system

from Thomas Klausner:

> > On 04.06.2021, at 07:17, Thomas Mueller <> wrote:
> > How does one get started with pkgsrc following a fresh install or update of NetBSD, in this case 9.99.82 both amd64 and i386?
> > How do I avoid the circular dependency of cwrappers, and the problem of pkg_* tools that the system can't find in /usr/pkg/sbin but are in
> /usr/sbin?
> I donâ??t understand the question. It should just work.

> 9.99.82 has up-to-date pkg_install, so there is no need to install them from pkgsrc and cwrappers should install fine.
> Perhaps you have some settings in /etc/pkg_install.conf or /etc/mk.conf that break your setup?
> Thomas 

I copied /usr/sbin/pkg_* to /usr/pkg/sbin, then I was able to install cwrappers and the new pkg_* tools in /usr/pkg/sbin.

I couldn't find any /etc/pkg_install.conf .

> There was one little snag though: /var/db/pkg was present, which is the
> old location of the package database, and pkgsrc didn't like that.
> Things were ok when I removed it. 

> -Olaf.

I changed the PKG_DBDIR to /usr/pkg/pkgdb in /etc/mk.conf .

But now there is another problem, on amd64 but possibly not on i386: building meta-pkgs/pkg_developer calls in lang/go14, and building that crashed the system, messed up /home partition.  I had to run fsck_ffs -y, have a lot of lost+found subdirectories.

On i386 installation, /var/db/pkg shows 

amelia2# ls /var/db/pkg/go*




so maybe I could try pkg_developer on i386 NetBSD-9.99.82-i386 installation, and be sure to not have /home mounted when building packages: mount only the minimum: /BETA1 (where pkgsrc tree is, also FreeBSD src, ports and doc trees) and / (root).

I was also thinking about updating FreeBSD to HEAD or 13-STABLE, lean toward HEAD, now encouraged by misfortune with NetBSD-HEAD on amd64.


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