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Re: default mysql -> mariadb

Le mer. 26 mai 2021 à 18:49, nia <> a écrit :
> However, as already mentioned, most free operating systems are still
> opting to default to MariaDB.

For example AFAIK Debian does not even package MySQL, because MySQL is
non-commercial use only, unless you take a license from Oracle.

So support for MariaDB is pretty decent.

Most of the stuff linking against the MySQL/MariaDB libraries anyway
is API-compatible.

On feature parity, besides JSON support where MySQL is ahead (though
MariaDB is catching up), I think there is also some sort of GIS
support in MySQL, and some differences in ANALYZE outputs. Oh, and
probably the list of things which can be ALTERed online in MySQL might
be different to MariaDB.

Personally, I kind of find it not nice that the original MySQL author
sold MySQL for big money to Sun only to fork it off and continue with
his new open source fork anyway. OTOH of course Oracle fucked bigtime
with the licensing. Anyway, this is one of the reasons I prefer to
keep both in pkgsrc - more options is good.

I don't have a particularly strong opinion on what should be the
default - either MySQL 8.x or MariaDB 10.3 are better options
technically than current MySQL 5.7. To some limited extent there is no
particular rush, since MySQL 5.7 is going to be officially supported
until 2022.

That said, since MariaDB has no license restrictions for usage, that
makes it the more practical of the two options.


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