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Re: default mysql -> mariadb

nia <> writes:

> Hello, I'm curious what people's thoughts are on making the default
> MySQL implementation MariaDB. Obviously MySQL would still be avaialble
> as an option. As far as I'm aware a few people are already using
> MariaDB successfully on NetBSD, but I'd like to hear some more reports
> in and we should get it working on SunOS too.

It's really great to see mariadb land in pkgsrc.

It has felt to me like mysql in pkgsrc has been stuck and not in a good
place, so my fuzzy impression of the proposed step is positive.

I am relatively clueless about mysql and wonder:

  Do you mean changing the default to 10.4 or 10.5?

  How does mariadb 10.4 relate to mysql 8, in terms of divergence.  Is
  everything in 8 also in 10.4?  Is mariadb tracking changes to mysql?
  Or is it basically that mariadb is viewed by those in the know as the
  next version really and just has a name change for trademark/business
  reasons (like openoffice->libreoffice) -- and thus that mysql 8 and
  later are not that relevant in the open source  world?

  If someone tried to build all the things in pkgsrc that build with
  mysql57, how many of them do you think would build and work ok with

I am guessing the answer to the last is "most of them and someone(tm) is
fixing the ones that need fixing; that's why this is for post Q2".

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